Standard bath vanity height is 32″. Generally speaking bathroom vanity countertop height can range anywhere from 30″ -36″. Standard height vanities work well in homes that have young children who may be at a disadvantage while using taller vanities.

I’d say look to a vanity height cabinet and adding the boxing underneath to get the height you want, yet not have to pay for a full custom cabinet. 5 Likes Save January 22, 2014 at 9:39PM Thank you for reporting this comment.

Most cabinet companies offer 34 1/2" H vanity cabinets. I was referring to ordering a lower height to compensate for the height of a vessel sink. I carry Crystal cabinets and they will reduce the height to whatever I specify at no extra charge.

The height of almost all modern furniture-style vanities is 33 1/2", with a few coming in 3/4-2" shorter. This usual height, with 1" granite, marble or quartzite, brings them to 34 1/2". This is about as standard as I can see for a …

Bathroom Vanities Over 34 Inches Bathroom Vanities, look no further than Overstock … be the same height as your standard height vanity/with the …

Typical cabinet widths are 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60 inches; Height: 31 to 35-1/2 inches; Depth: 17 to 24 inches . If you’re purchasing a vanity without a top, you’ll also need to measure for the countertop. Measure the width and depth of the vanity cabinet. The vanity top should be 1 inch wider and 1 inch deeper than the vanity cabinet.

The Point Loma is a comfort height vanity with a total height of 35 3/4″ which is just shy of the taller 36″ vanities. The Shift Away from Standard Height Vanities Comfort height has become the new standard, not only with toilets but with vanities as well.